The following committees have been established to extend the HPA and its mission.  Each described committee has its own chairperson who leads the committee in its activities. 


The Public Relations  committee  will oversee and maintain the public image of the HPA.   This team will maintain relationships with the community, county, State and public interests group.  Further, this committee will assist in writing press releases for the media. 


The Hospitality Committee  will oversee the hospitality aspect of the HPA to ensure that every person entering any event is  greeted proudly and made to feel comfortable.    Visitors are offered assistance as appropriate so that everyone feels important and welcomed. 


The Advocacy Committee will recognize and develop an advocacy work plan to adopt, including legislation and policy development at the local, state and federal levels.   Issues that involve the LGBTQ  community that need to be discussed and acted upon are directed through this committee. This committee will implement advocacy campaign strategies and influences   and  contributes to and enhances the advancement of the LGBTQ community improvement.  This committee works with all the other committees to ensure proper execution. 


The  Education Committee will recognize and develop educational programs and events that provide education to the community as an entity.  They will plan events or socials that provide the community with knowledge and skills necessary to understand and to celebrate the LGBT community. 

Chair: Hope Foley 


The Membership Committee is  responsible for recruiting, signing up, and interviewing new people to the HPA.   This committee is also responsible for engaging and retaining current members, supporting all members, and maintaining accurate records of present and future members.


The Scholarship Committee is to oversee the annual scholarship and to ensure the proper disposition of scholarship funds.  This committee will also publicize and solicit the applications for the scholarship as well as decide the scholarship winner(s). 

Chair: Erica Prinzo 


The Liaisons (Schools and County) manage and communicate between the Schools, County and the HPA. This committee will coordinate with the community to discuss the needs and concerns of the community as a whole as well as the LGBTQ community.  This committee will work closely with the advocacy committee in order to uphold and improve the HPA’s vision and mission within the community.