"What Now?!"

I want to come out to my parents.. What Now?


Are you sure about your sexual orientation?

Are you comfortable with your gay sexuality? Do you have support?

Are you knowledgeable about homosexuality?

What's the emotional climate at home?

Can you be patient?

What's your motive for coming out now?

Do you have available resources?

What is your general relationship with your parents?

What is their moral societal view?

Is this your decision?

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How to come out to your parents tips

How to come out to your parents.

My son or daughter has just come out to me/ us... What Now?

  1. DON'T Ignore it. ...

  2. DON'T Say you “knew all along.” ...

  3. DON'T Tell them “this is just a phase.” ...

  4. DON'T Use religion to shame them. ...

  5. DO Tell them you believe and love them, and thank them for telling you. ...

  6. DO Ask about what kind of support they need.

  7. Be patient. ...

  8. Commit yourself as an ally. ...

  9. Don't push. ...

  10. Keep their confidence and respect their privacy.

  11. Acknowledge the risk they took by coming out to you. ...

  12. Instead say, “Thank you for trusting me.”

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