My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis -2023

The cast of "My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis" with the author, Anthony J. Wilkinson. 

The Cast of "My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis" 

Reactions from audience members :

"I thought the show was hysterical and the acting was fantastic! I want to see more of the series after seeing "Crisis". I was in stitches all throughout!"

"I loved the show! The cast was perfect and the laughs came straight from the belly! Looking forward to more the same! Not to mention Joe Cremona (Andrew) is adorable!"

"I enjoyed every minute of this performance. I wish it could continue so that others could enjoy it as much as I did." Although this was my first play with this theater group, you can be sure I will be at their next, and their next, and their next offering!"

“I wish growing up as a gay kid, we had an Alliance as well as a theater program. My life would have been easier. I am so thankful the HPA is serving the community is ways that it does. Congratulations on all that you do. I can’t wait to see the next production.”

"My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis" was a rollercoaster of emotions , but one I would not want to get off of. The story was funny as it was moving and the actors portrayed such emotions beautifully. I was rolling with laughter watching them advertise "Body Body." And I was sympathizing and rooting for Anthony to get his big break. The cast and crew put on an amazing show for us and I am happy to have been there!"

"The show was so funny , I snorted with laughter!"

"Out of the all the shows the HPA has done, this was the ultimate funny one!! It was just a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!"

"We went to see "My Big Gay Italian Midlife Crisis" as a Mother's Day night out and we had the best time thanks to the Hawthorne Pride Alliance. The show was funny, wildly entertaining, and really heartwarming. The cast did an EXCELLENT job and their characters were so lovable and outspoken and that was all due to their fantastic theatrical talent. We laughed until we cried and that's when you know a show was worth seeing! We can't wait to see another performance!"

The show as hysterical! I laughed almost the entire time. The cast was engaging, and I loved the elements of audience participation. I loved that there were multiple entrances and exits, and the entire space was utilized. Adding an element of dinner theater was a nice touch, given the main point of the show.”